I am Tiffany Watkins a.k.a. LadyCanna.

In three decades I have witnessed a lot of changes in this industry, but one thing remains the same; not everyone gets to have a voice. I have been treated with disrespect, talked down to in situations, and made to feel as if my contributions to the Cannabis community didn’t matter.

I knew this treatment was not only because I am a POC, but because I am a Woman. I also knew…I wasn’t alone.

Since the 1990’s it has been my focus to have equity and unity surrounding Cannabis. Working together, with every voice having validity, has been both our greatest asset and our biggest struggle.

Closing the gap between the sexes in the cannabis industry will take hard work from us all.  I founded Vanguard Media with providing a platform to bridge that gap in mind. Women in the cannabis community deserve the spotlight…and we shall stand in it unapologetically.

  • We are capable.
  • We are knowledgeable.
  • We are strong.
  • We are beautiful.
Tiffany Watkins – LadyCanna